Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girls' Day Out

We had a fun girls' day out on Saturday.

Jessie, Maggie, Elyssa (Jessie's best bud) and I went over to Wenatchee for Maggie to play a gig with Hank Cramer. She met him while on the Lady Washington last June during the 20-year anniversary party for the boat. She, Audra Poor and Steven Cummins played with Hank onboard the Lady at that time, and then Hank asked Maggie and Audra if they would be interested in laying down tracks for his latest album. So, they went to a recording studio in Tacoma last summer or fall, and played bodhran (pronounced "bar-on", sort of) and uilleann (pronounced "illin" as in chillin') pipes. Then they were asked to participate at this gig in Wenatchee. Fun day for all of us.

It looks as if there is more recording studio work in the offing, as well. Maggie - and Jessie, too - have been asked to help with the album of a friend of Hank's, who is recording his debut album. Maggie will be laying bodhran tracks and both the girls will be doing backup vocals.

Who knew?!

Maggie warming up her bodhran (Irish drum) before the gig.
With the dry climate over there, she had to wet
the head of her drum to loosen it up. It got pretty tight.

Jessie's best friend, Elyssa, visiting us from her new home in Texas.

Jessie getting a brief lesson on the hammered dulcimer.
It was love at first sight.

Audra on her uilleann pipes (Irish bag pipes).

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