Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunny Blessings in February

Man, I can hardly believe we actually did some gardening in February! Boomer did the tilling and Maggie a little planting while I looked on and cheered. We have never done any outside planting in February. Not even in California. We'll see how things go. The peas are in and a couple of small plantings of chard and lettuce. The broccoli and cabbage plants are waiting on the potting table for a bit longer.......I found deer prints in the garden today right where I was hoping to plant them. I guess close to the house doesn't matter to the hungry critters.

The reprieve of sun in February is something that keeps me going every year. It breaks up the winter and gives me hope of spring. And the warmth is so welcome. And now we are into March. Officially the month of spring. Bring it on!


  1. Yeah! I'm looking forward to more reading here! :-)
    Speaking of deer tracks...because of last year's weather, there isn't much for the animals to eat in the woods. We have had deer come to the barn lot right in front of the house and a few days ago, a turkey was under my bird feeder in the front yard. I'll post my picture soon.