Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunny Spring

Yesterday, the mountain came out.  It is always an event when she does.  We can see both Ranier and St. Helens from our property when the clouds part, but Ranier is my favorite.  She is just so magnificent.

When I went for a walk to take her picture, I came across some bleeding hearts in the woods.  Boomer tells me the trillium are all over the horse pasture, but I haven't made it out there yet.  Next sunny day.

On the way back in, I passed Maggie's bee hive.  The bees are happy and healthy.  She checked the boxes in the afternoon, and they are rather full of new bees.  She'll be adding more boxes and frames later this week.  Her honey is amazing.  We're blessed.

  Just outside our front door, there is a riot of tulips.  Jessie says she splurged last year and bought this one tulip bulb!  The picture doesn't actually do it justice.  There is green in the petals, as well as pink and white.  It's really rather stunning.

These were my splurge a couple of years ago and we've been enjoying them for a few weeks now.  I'm so glad they stayed around for awhile.

On the kitchen windowsill, my begonia is going at it, and it cheers me while I work in the kitchen.  I'm so grateful for flowers.  And mountains.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the tulips and begonia!
    Hope you are doing well,