Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Spring

So, on Sunday I spent a lot of the day moving pretty slowly.  The sun was out, though. and I kept thinking about the horse pasture.  After watching the birds and cloud rainbows above me in the sky while lying on the trampoline, I decided to go give it a shot and see if I might capture some of the spring beauty that Boomer had been telling me about.

The first thing I found was a patch of trillium, which never ceases to thrill me.  And both white and purple, to boot!

Then I spotted some wild strawberry plants.  There were quite a few of them creeping through the leaves and greenery.

Then I found this.  We wait every spring for the emergence of these beautiful wild iris.  I wish I could capture the scent and share that, as well.  It is so amazing and says "Spring!" better than any other fragrance of the season.

The salmon berry bushes are blooming now and the color of their blossoms is so unique.  I delight in spotting the bright petals in the denseness of the green undergrowth.

And I really didn't want to miss a good long gaze at the mountain.  To my delight, the neighbors have gotten more cows, and they were grazing right in my way.

Back in our vegetable garden, I found these chives going to flower.  Isn't God amazing?  I love what He does in a garden.

And here is a better shot of that amazing tulip with green in the petals (from last week)..

I am so glad I live in the northwest!


  1. I love the spring. I've got some gorgeous blossoms on my apple tree and I'm praying they stay this way until my new camera comes. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing your spring.

  2. I'll pray it gets there in time, too. Happy painting! :)