Monday, April 19, 2010


The other day I was talking with a sweet couple about their own experiences with feeling the love and passion of God for them, and their love for Him.  This is something I'm chasing after: experiencing the love of God in my heart.  Not just my head.  They both had some cool things to share, one of them being the aspect of recognizing God's grace.

While we were talking, their firstborn 2 1/2-month-old daughter started crying.  I watched as distraction crossed their faces and then a complete change of focus and a dash to her side to soothe and comfort her.  They both had such looks of concern and devotion on their faces.  At the time, I smiled and remembered what that was like for me with my firstborn: alert to every sound and mood.

Then yesterday, as I was going over and writing down some of the things that had struck me from our conversation, the Lord reminded me of Psalm 18:19 -- "He rescued me because He delighted in me."

Some things kinda clicked into place for me.  Not long ago, some dear people were praying over me, and one of the things they were speaking was the word "beloved," broken down to 'Be Loved.'

"Be Loved," they said.  "Know that when you were born, God held you and marveled over you and adored you."  Like a firstborn.  Like my friends who are so tuned in to the cry of their tiny daughter that all else flees in the face of her need.  They rescue her because they delight in her.  Wow.

Once again the Lord has surprised me with fresh truth.  Like a first-time parent, He rescued me because He delighted in me.  Whoa.  I'll take that.



  1. Yes! And what you saw in your friends over their child and yourself over your firstborn, He loves us more than that! O, what a Savior!

  2. Amen and booyah! Isn't He sweet? So good.

  3. Wonderful, beautiful truth. And I am honored that you used Jessie's painting of my Clayton.

  4. I love Jessie's painting of Clayton! :)