Monday, October 10, 2011

I need no explanation.....

"What the Father has done is the best, because He has done it,
and I pray that I may not cast about for an explanation.
It suggests a lack of confidence in Him
if I find it necessary to understand all He does.
Will it not bring Him greater joy to tell Him
that I need no explanation because I know Him?"
Frank Houghton

So, Boomer is off to Ecola.  Yesterday we were set to take off to go down with him when my back went out.  Like, right as we were getting things in the car.  It wasn't one of those times I could tough it out, so the rest of the family went and I stayed home.  It was a hard thing for me.  I so wanted to be there.  To hug him and bless him as he began his time on a new adventure.  So, I did that here at home before they left.  And Jessie took lots of pictures of the day and I got to "see" things, too.

Today, after yesterday's experience and then the added weariness of a stomach bug attacking me in the night while my back was still hurting, I was reading in Amy Carmichael's "Roses from Brier" which has blessed me with truth on many, many occasions.  Today was no exception.  The truth that I need no explanation.  I need not understand all He does.  I need only know Him.  That applies so well to yesterday.  To last night.  What He has done is the best, simply because HE did it (or at least allowed it).  I must rest in that or drive myself crazy.  :-)

So, here are some pictures of the day yesterday.  And, if you are interested, Boomer has started a blog himself to chronicle his days at Ecola.  I love that!

The school is located within the Conference Grounds.

The Beautiful Campus

Signing In

Ad Dorm


The Room

Fun at the Park


Maggie's handiwork to include me!
Bless her.

And now I get the fun of following his blog!!

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  1. I love your update! So precious! I was excited to see that Boomer is attending Ecola this year. You have a beautiful family-- and, congrats on your soon to arrive granddaughter! Love you!