Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Gifts Only

"Dear Lord, for all the gifts that we never see clearly or understand much or appreciate hardly at all, bless You."  Brian Doyle

Thank You for that.  Another reminder of good gifts.  Everything from Your hand is intended for my benefit.  Nothing is a bad gift.  Nothing.  So please help me to always say "Thank You" -- for everything -- no matter what it looks like, because You only give good gifts and You are incapable of making a mistake with my life.

Peace.  Awesome.



  1. That's what it's all about, isn't it...peace.
    WE may not understand at the time why we are going through trials or whatever, but God does. He works all things out for good for those that truly love Him. We've only to trust and give it to Him.

  2. oh, how very true. We go so often not realizing the blessings the Lord bestow all around us.
    Thanks be to God who always provides for His children.
    Blessings, Deanna